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Kalipso Studio v5.0 Update - 4/3/20

Kalipso Studio v5.0 Update - 4/3/20
Kalipso Studio v5.0 was updated:

- Uninstall can now be run directly.
- Improvements were made to automatically clear some unnecessary temporary files.
- Added the ability to detect a new version of Windows Mobile when testing on the device with the "Auto-Detect" option.
- Fixed issue displaying "Set Printer Parameter" Action. The "MAC Address" parameter was being presented as "Server".
- Fixed issue accessing "MSS" Actions help.
- Fixed issue browsing the Controls in a Form through the TAB key.
- Fixed issue in "Set Value" Action when assigning multiple values including a Variable from a Linked Project/Component.
- Fixed style issue in "Set Value" Action.
- Fixed issue accessing Local Variable from a Local Action Set.
- Fixed issue editing Control Properties in "Edit Container Cell" mode.
- Fixed issue resizing the columns of a Table Control inside a Tab Control.
- Fixed issue in "Set Value" when assigning a Variable from a Linked Project/Component.
- Fixed issue editing the Project's Mobile Device directly from the Project Properties window
- Fixed issue making Linked Projects/Components path relative when the path contains period (.).
- Fixed bug in Android with rotation on non-full screen forms.
- Fixed bug in Android that could cause the application to crash when starting on devices with Android 8.0.