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Kalipso Studio V4 - Update Release Available August 1st

Kalipso Studio V4 - Update Release Available August 1st
Kalipso Studio V4 Update Release date is coming so take a look at the New Features.

Kalipso Studio V4 Update will be available on August 1st.
Make Mobile Application Development even [ more ] easier with these new Features:


Docking Bar

  • Ever heard the expression “Less is more”? In Kalipso, less clicks means more efficiency. To provide you with a quick access to those general properties, a new toolbar is born. With it, you can see and change Control’s properties easily and faster, without having to leave the main environment.


  • Create how many libraries you want, add any control, piece of code, action set, among others to your library and share it with your team.

Attach Documentation

  • Attach any document to your project. PDF’s, Word documents, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoints, text files are some of types of documents you can attached to your project and share with your team.

Task List

  • Create a task list on the project, define your tasks and milestones.

Using JSON For Exchanging Data

  • JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format that is more and more used in online services. It is easy for humans to read and write. It is easy for machines to parse and generate. Kalipso now has new actions to let you export data to JSON and import data from JSON.
      Related Actions: 
  • JSON Export to Table;
  • JSON Import to Table;

Design & Print

  • Version 4 supports now native ESC/POS printer language: many printers are based in ESC/POS. Kalipso now has native ESC/POS for producing faster printouts for these printers.
  • Looper header have been added: add a header to your report, so it repeats in all pages as long as there is data in the body to print.
  • Function Page Total is now available: in multiple pages you can now print the total number of pages that will be produced by the report.
  • Android and W10 native print: use the new Android and W10 Printing service to print to any printer that has drivers for Android and W10.

Add Voice To Your App

  • Add voice capabilities to your application using the new potent voice engines available in the new O.S. platforms (Android and W10).

Bluetooth Discovery

  • You can now discover Bluetooth devices directly on your App and request device pairing.

Even More Integration

  • Serial barcodes scanners are now supported natively, so you can easily connect to external Bluetooth scanners or wired serial port scanners.
  • Point Mobile scanner support.
  • Datalogic Memor scanner support.

New Features

  • AppX generation for Windows Store: now you can create AppX packages so you can publish your App on Windows Store or just sideload it to W10 Devices.
  • Direct deployment to W10 Mobile / Phone: easily test your App on a W10 phone. Just connect the USB cable and use "Test on Device" like you do on Android.

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