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Kalipso Studio v5.0 supports Zebra HD4000

Kalipso Studio v5.0 supports Zebra HD4000
Kalipso Studio v5 now supports state of art Zebra HD4000 allowing you to create great apps using this technology in a simple and quick way.

With a set of functions and examples specifically created for this device, it is very easy to create applications for an enormous set of activities using this equipment. You can create apps using this technology and add features like Barcode Reading, RFID, or Voice Recognition in order to provide apps with all the necessary features to help the user to complete their tasks faster and without errors.

With the exponential increase in online sales and consequently the logistical processes in warehouses it is essential that processes like picking can be streamlined. This is one of the processes where this device can actually help to improve warehouse efficiency.

However, the applications for this equipment are not limited to its use in warehouse processes. Simply, use your imagination to combine different technologies (Barcode, RFID, NFC, Beacons, Voice) and to create disruptive applications for your customers. All this is included in a single platform for rapid development - Kalipso Studio.

To learn more about Zebra HD4000 click here or contact directly your Zebra partner.