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Kalipso Studio - Now Used with MSS

Kalipso Studio - Now Used with MSS
MSS (Mobile Sales System) is a product developed by Sysdev, used mainly in Portugal (but also in other countries such as Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Albania) where it is a market leader - it is used, as the name refers to, in the mobile sales field, particularly in areas such as pre-sales, post-sales, technical support, CRM and so on. Till recently, MSS was a "closed" solution, having available just the modules developed for each version.

By the release of the newest version of MSS, Sysdev included a new and bigger possibility of expanding such product by allowing its extensibility with Kalipso Studio. With its power to generate mobile solutions in an easy and fast way, Kalipso Studio lets the MSS users develop its own personalized modules that might be essential to their business needs. This turns MSS 4.5.0 into a disruptive product, thanks to Kalipso Studio.

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