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Kalipso Event in Bogotá (Colombia) - 3 of March

Kalipso Event in Bogotá (Colombia) - 3 of March
On the 3 of March, Kalipso Team will be together with Velneo in Bogotá (Colombia), presenting both platforms, and how to develop software solutions faster and easier than usual.

Our purpose is to make it easier for development teams. This event is aimed at all those programming professionals who seek to create modern management applications in a cost-effective way.

From Kalipso Team, you will be able to interact with:

  • Emanuel Barros
  • Geovanny Olivo


09:00 | Welcoming.
09:30 | Kalipso presentation. Kalipso provides us with a common Apps design platform for Windows, Android and iOS, which will drastically reduce the costs of developing your project, allowing you to deliver your professional applications on time.
11:00 | Coffee Break.
11:30 | Velneo presentation. Development platform for low-code, cross-platform and muti-device management applications.
13:00 | Lunch Break (Pasabocas).
14:30 | Velneo-Kalipso. Kalipso as an option to create applications with mobility in Velneo.
15:00 | Velneo API and examples of usage.
15:30 | Kalipso and Velneo. Kalipso integration with Velneo.
16:00 | Round of questions We will take this moment to answer any questions from the attendees.
17:00 | End.

Date:  3 March

Place: Holiday Inn Express & Suites Bogotá DC, Cra. 7 #N. 67-39

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