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About Renault and LEOSS d.o.o.

Renault is a very know company in the automotive industry. It was founded in the year of 1898 by Renault brothers.

LEOSS d.o.o. is a leading supplier of hardware and software for automatic identification and mobile data collection. Since their beginning in 1990, their business has been based on developing bar code and RFID technology. Nowadays they work with Kalipso Studio, a platform developed by Sysdev.

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The challenge 

Renault wanted to have a solution which would give them the ability to track who is driving which car on their events where they introduced their new cars to the sales network of Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia. They also wanted to know who came to the event so they wanted to have labels for accreditations. Before they started using the mobile solution provided, they used a piece of paper where they had all the names of the people who came to the event and checked them.

Solution and Result - Kalipso Studio 

In LEOSS d.o.o. company they already had developed in Kalipso an event management solution. The solution included functionalities such as creating accreditation on paper labels or creating different lectures inside the event. So, they just had to add a part where we can link a person to the car. With that, they got what the customer wanted – the exact list of people who were driving each car. The customer got the list with all data at the end of the event.

For marketing purposes and the aspect of fun, they included a game. They put a lot of paper labels with barcodes printed on them inside a car and people had to find as many of them as they could. When they found a bar code they received a question that needed an answer. The team who was the fastest and who had the most answers correct won.

Timescale and Overall Satisfaction

LEOSS d.o.o. had a lot of experiences in the field of tracking people on conferences so they used past knowledge and rewrote the solution in Kalipso. It was done in less than a week. They also add that another benefit was that it was very easy to expand solution with some extra features. That is possible only because of the Kalipso software.

Partner Involvement - Sysdev and LEOSS

"I can say that Sysdev is always helping us. In LEOSS d.o.o. we already use Kalipso since 2011 and they always provided us help when needed. They are exceptionally good with all new features that were implemented in Kalipso. It also happened that sometimes we did not know how to use some features of Kalipso the right way and when asked, they provided us with a solution in no time."

People interacting with the app

App used inside a car

People interacting with the app and a car

App on a CipherLab device