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Development Time: 10 hours
Complexity Level: Advanced

(Details: the .apk file is to install on an Android smartphone, it runs the app on it; if you download the sample project, the .mfs file is the project to open on Kalipso designer - to download the designer click here)

A catalog is a useful tool for any company/business related with products or services sales. The way the items are presented to the customers is crucial. Because personalized solutions may be necessary, Kalipso Studio might provide the right tool for a fast and easy development.

These are the functionalities that you can find on this sample:

- Offline database implementation
- Functions to import .txt files to tables
- Loopers to display the catalog and cart
- Functions to activate share in android
- Functions to search for Bluetooth devices
- Smartphone pairing with a Bluetooth device
- Reports implementation
- Print function implementation to print a report
- HTML Viewer implementation to add a loader animation