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Project Properties - Other Properties

You can customize and protect your Project simply by checking a few Options. Please revise them because they directly influence the execution of your Project once deployed

Other Settings

Custom Error Message
Text to be displayed in a Message Box in automatic error management

This is an expression and you can use Variables and Keywords. Option only available if you've set the error management to .

DB Encryption Key
Password to encrypt your Local Database file

All the Offline and Local Tables used in your Project are stored in a single SQLite file. That file, by default, can be accessed with appropriate software. If you want to prevent the access to that file, define a password to encrypt it.
If you don’t define this property, your Database will be open.

GPS Unit
GPS unit used by the TOMTOM and GPS Actions

Resize Mode
Allows the application to automatically resize to better fit the actual device where it's being executed

For example, if the project terminal is defined has 1200x640 and the application is then executed on a device with 1800x800, then all the objects in the application will be stretched 1.5 times in the horizontal dimension and 1.28 times in the vertical. The font sizes will also be adjusted by the smaller factor, in this case, 1.28. So if the application is executed on devices with similar width/height ratios, it will "look good" on all those devices without any modification to the project.

Idle Time
This parameter allows defining the time, in milliseconds, to trigger the "On Idle" Event

The Event will be triggered when no Action has been executed during the amount of "Idle Time".

Android ZXing Mode
Allows to define the usage mode of ZXing on Android

For barcode reading through the camera on Android, Kalipso uses ZXing library. This library isn't updated in Kalipso as the same speed as it is released. Therefore, Kalipso allows you to choose between using the library version shipped with KClient or the manually installed ZXing app.

Internal Library - Use ZXing library shipped with KClient
Installed ZXing App - Use installed ZXing app
Automatic - Use ZXing app if installed, use internal library otherwise

Automatically Refresh Combos, Lists, and Radios with only Fixed Values
Loads Combos, List and Radios data even without calling "Refresh Control" Action

If your Control has only Fixed Values, it's automatically refreshed with that data. If you uncheck this property, you’ll have to use “Refresh”, “Refresh Plane” or “Refresh Control” Action for the Control to be filled with the defined fixed values.

Prevent the execution of Update/Delete Statements without 'Where' clause
Returns an error if you try to execute an Update or Delete SQL Statement without "where"

By checking this property, any Update or Delete statement that you’ve defined in your Project that doesn’t have a “Where” (ex: “Update Products set Stock = 10”, “delete from Products”), will not be executed and an error will be raised. You can enable this feature individually for Online and Offline Databases.
If you really want to execute and Update or Delete statement without a "Where", we advise you to keep this option checked and to define a dummy "Where" in your Update or Delete statement (ex: “Update Products set Stock = 10” where 1 = 1, “delete from Products” where 1 = 1).

Prevent SQL Injection
“Does what it says”

When defining SQL statements in Kalipso, you can use values inputted by the user, therefore is possible for the user to “inject” SQL code into your statement. If you activate this property, Kalipso will check for the existence of semi-colon (;) outside single quotes (’).

Numeric Settings

Thousand Separator
Thousand separator character for numeric columns

This value is available throughout the Project under "TSEPARATOR" Keyword.

Decimal Separator
Decimal separator character for numeric columns

This value is available throughout the Project under "DSEPARATOR" Keyword.

Currency Symbol
Character used as Currency symbol (sufix) in currency columns

This value is available throughout the Project under "CCY_SYMBOL" Keyword.

Currency Decimal Places
Number of decimal places in currency columns

This value is available throughout the Project under "CCY_DPLACES" Keyword.