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With users in more than 60 countries around the world, Kalipso Studio can adjust the project into any language that the user need. With a really intuitive interface in this tutorial we will guide you on a tour through our Multilanguage functions, showing how easily you can get your project translated, in a few minutes, defining language(s) you will need to your project, and translate all the forms, labels, buttons etc. of your project, or just a few words. With a connection to the either Bing or Google online translator, you will be able to create and deploy your mobile application for any language you need.

- Define Languages;
- Translate the Interface;
- Multi-Language Text;
- Translate All;
- Set Language in Runtime.

The sample project available for download to show how to work with different languages inside the same project. Every time the language is changed the project must be reopened. The languages available are defined in the project properties. On each label text, you have the possibility to write the label of each language.