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MIS Communicator

MIS Communicator is the program in charge of managing communications between terminals and PC applications developed by Sysdev partners or by Sysdev through the development platform Kalipso.

As you might know already, Kalipso projects need MIS Communicator. So, how to configure everything to work properly? Sometimes there are doubts and users configure in the communication profile the IP and port of the database engine as well as its user and password. Remember, the communication profiles are ONLY to configure the communication between your Kalipso project and MIS Communicator. The technical note attached explains how to configure communications on both sides for each type of communication. First, a communication profile needs to be created in MIS Communicator to receive information from the terminal and in the project the same but to reach MIS Communicator. Regarding access to a database, it’s needed to configure a Database Connection Profile which you have detailed information in the Kalipso user guide, here we are only going to explain how MIS Communicator uses it and possible causes of errors accessing the database. 

The sample attached exemplifies how you can open MIS Communicator directly in your application.