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What our costumers say about KALIPSO

  • Damian Rafferty
    Now that I am trying to create my first real-world application, I am starting to find my way around the IDE and learning what I can do. Like any new product, there is always a learning curve and this is the time when I will ask the most questions from support until I learn things for myself. I still think I have made the right choice in going with Kalipso instead of coding in Xamarin from scratch or other tools like GeneXus, etc.

    Damian Rafferty | Pulse PLM
  • Rui Carvalho
    Kalipso Studio is a nice tool to create mobile applications in a very simple, fast and efficient way. It matches perfectly the needs for this type of applications, with an easy integration with databases and Windows/Android devices.
    Rui Carvalho | SantoseVale, Portugal
  • Steven Luyckx
    ERIKS is satisfied with the flexibility of the Kalipso toolset. Because of the stability of the scanner applications, we only require a 3-month license once in a while to incorporate more features. This licensing model works perfectly well for our business needs.
    Steven Luyckx | TradCom NV – an ERIKS company, Belgium
  • William Piedfort
    We have Kalipso (Pro) as distributor and developers at the same time - we make our own live demos to prospects and have good success, also the training to them, online as well as the technical support. We have very few bugs, and if so, Sysdev team solve it quickly. Kalipso is stable to use and to develop: all features are documented, predictable, and very powerful and even though a lot of new features will come very soon. The object-oriented way of parametrization is simple to apply to set up quickly an app and to support it, even after months.
    William Piedfort | Productivix / Saisie-Mobile, France
  • Daniel Lima
    Sysdev Kalipso is a great approach to mobile technology and a wonderful tool that enables us to handle our projects with simplicity and robustness. It doesn't require much from you and from your programming skills since it is so easy and intuitive to develop and build applications and that reflects itself on efficiency and productivity rates. Also, its support is simply amazing and friendly. With Sysdev Kalipso you can drive your focus more on process and method rather than technology. Highly appreciated and recommended!
    Daniel Lima | EFACEC Handling Solutions, Portugal
  • Aart Merkelijn
    Sysdev Kalipso has enabled me to kick-start my business, providing custom-built apps quickly to my customers. I have been able to leverage the extensive feature set to interface with other, existing systems at the customer with ease. With my work based on Kalipso my customers have been gaining insight into their costs and generating more turnover, making them satisfied mobile users!
    Aart Merkelijn | iKnowMobility, Netherlands
  • Claudio Cicognani
    A simple, intuitive and modern approach that allows you to be productive in a few hours, and is able to work equally well on all the mobile offerings from Microsoft, indifferent from if the hardware is industrial or consumer grade. Remarkable is the integrated remote management in RDP style, which alone is worth the entire investment, which is very modest and above all runtime royalty free.
    Claudio Cicognani | Braintech, Italy
  • Valdemar Lopes
    Sysdev is the right partner. Always there when you need more. Professional, Efficient and Passionate that is Sysdev. Sysdev makes Kalipso the cream of the crop, the most fantastic development tool for mobility. Simplicity and reliability these are the two faces of Kalipso.
    Valdemar Lopes | Samsys Team Lider, Portugal
  • Jack Wang
    SYSDEV Kalipso is the easiest tool to generate an app with minimum programming skill. Kalipso helps CipherLab partners to create demo or field application effectively that the same base project can be customized and reused for next customer with only a few changes. It is a very cost-productive tool that you should consider.
    Jack Wang | CipherLab, Taiwan
  • Khaldoon Kaylani
    InCube been dealing with Sysdev since almost 7 years, and during this time, we have seen a reliable product that helps in building mobile applications rapidly, efficiently and in a very flexible way. The vision behind the product is very clear and helped us always to plan our business for the future. With Kalipso, we managed to get great customers on our reference lists such as Khalifah tower, the tallest building on Earth, Etisalat and many others. Our final solutions that are based on Kalipso been very attractive to our clients and easy to use. The beauty of Kalipso that it allowed us to focus on the process and the output rather on the technology of programming. Finally, the way Sysdev team deal with us as part of their team and as an extension in the Middle east, been always very helpful in getting the product better and in giving our clients better solutions always
    Khaldoon Kaylani | Incube, United Arab Emirates
  • Richard Freeth
    At HHT Solutions Ltd we are a small company and could not afford to develop applications for all the different hardware and OS the customers choose to use without Kalipso. With Kalipso we just develop the solution they need, only focused on what would be best for the customer. Kalipso sorts out all the hard stuff like drivers, libraries etc. The same code works with many different devices so for those customers with a mix of Windows and Android we supply the same code, simple for us and for the customer. As they want extra functions added the inbuilt software update functions from Kalipso means they just click the button we give them and next thing that is using the latest release of our Kalipso application. Connectivity to host systems if brilliant, it doesn't matter what the customer asks for Kalipso will support it, From simple text files to XML and SOAP via ODBC, ADO etc you think of it Kalipso supports it. On the mobile devices, we don't worry about the transport layer either some else Kalipso does for us. RS 232, USB, WiFi, TCP/IP (Ethernet), 3G, 4G etc. If the device supports it so will Kalipso in an automatic way. Do you want printed reports or email / SMS from your device - supported in Kalipso. Built-in charting and pdf (with bar codes) make it easy. You can print direct or via the host, whichever suits. If you really like to code then Java and HTML are supported as is a DLL interface so you can link to your own or 3rd party DLL's if they are not directly supported in Kalipso. Their support is excellent, you can even call them and speak to a knowledgeable support programmer and in minutes they have often solved our problem. They have TeamViewer built into Kalipso so even if the language was a problem (which it isn't) or we had difficulty explaining a quick connect and they spot our problem and fix it.

    Richard Freeth | HHT Solutions Ltd., United Kingdom
  • Peter Ciolkowski
    Since we’re using Kalipso for creating customized software and using it for integrating total system solutions, we’ve improved our realization speed and our project margin dramatically. There is nothing more profitable in designing Auto-ID software than Kalipso. Moreover - it has opened new markets for us by selling software for workstation solutions, not only for mobile applications. The high quality of SYSDEV support service should be a benchmark for others!

    Peter Ciolkowski, CEO | Aisci, Germany
  • Lukasz Sagun
    The perfect solution for every kind of application! Mobile application development has never been so quick and efficient. With Kalipso we create advanced applications in accordance with the requirements of our clients in an unprecedented time. Ease of integration with ERP systems is another huge plus of Kalipso. Free licenses and MIS communication center help customers to make quick decision to deploy the application - no unnecessary additional costs. Kalipso has opened access to our applications for Android devices without extra work - so that our applications are available for a wide range of devices – not only data collectors but tablets and computers. Do not waste more time on a long learning - start to create applications with Kalipso today!

    Lukasz Sagun | Eteco, Poland
  • Leendert Paul Diterwich
    Kalipso greatly reduced the technical difficulties that we faced while developing mobile applications for internal and
    external use. It enables us to meet the high demands of today and tomorrow and add more value for our customers.

    Leendert Paul Diterwich | Wijntransport B.V., Netherlands